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IBIS Retail Command Center Core is a streamlined solution tailored for the forward-thinking retailer seeking the essential tools to propel your business forward with a minimal investment. This cost-effective option integrates three fundamental tools designed to offer robust operational oversight and seamless invoice management. It's the smart choice for businesses aiming to claim a competitive edge with a keen eye on budget.

IBIS Daily Dash +

•    Unified Sales Overview

•    Instant Access to 40 Critical Daily Metrics

•    Daily Program Monitoring

•    Store's Top Seller Pattern Identification

IBIS Ops View

•    Daily Department Sales Visibility

•    Daily and Weekly Best Sellers

•    Flexible Date Range Review

•    Comparative Sales Analysis


•    Flexible Pricing Hierarchy

•    Sale Item Verification

•    Price Holds with Notes 

•    Margin and Price Analysis

•    Automatic POS Import Formatting

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