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Insight Tree

A Versatile, Interactive Tool for Deconstructing and Exploring Complex Sales Data

•    Unified Sales Overview

•    Instant Access to 40 Critical Daily Metrics

•    Daily Program Monitoring

•    Store's Top Seller Pattern Identification

Instant Access To...

The Dash’s  pop-up feature provides a view of yesterday's top-selling items for the total store or by department as well as a graph of year-over-year sales by month

• Unified Sales Overview

• Instant Access to 40 Critical Daily Metrics

• Daily Program Monitoring

• Store's Top Seller Pattern Identification


Gain immediate insights with over 40 key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor daily operations effectively

View Week-to-Date (WTD), Month-to-Date (MTD), and Year-to-Date (YTD) sales metrics in a comprehensive dashboard

Keep a close watch on the performance of various programs with daily updates

Discover the top-selling product across the entire store or within each department, offering insight into specific trends

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