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Elevating Independent Retail Through Innovation

OUR MISSION: IBIS exists to provide high quality analytical and productivity tools that deliver competitive advantage to independent retailers.

OUR VISION: To boost the growth of independent retail businesses by leveraging the power of technology to improve management procedures, augment employee performance, & streamline operations

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 IBIS provides easy-to-use business intelligence that can identify problems and guide problem-solving in the areas of Business Operations, Category Reviews, Store Service Development & Design, Project Management and more.

Our BI reporting has been designed to meet the needs of single stores, multi-store operators and large-scale enterprises. IBIS products can also be customized to meet the unique needs of retailer clients.

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IBIS creates easy to use Business Intelligence Reporting and Process Management Tools that are designed by retailers for retailers.  Our leadership team brings together many years of experience in independent retail, distribution, product development and point of sale design and support to deliver a powerful, unique and highly intuitive experience to our customers.  The IBIS team has the passion to put your data to work for you.  Our products instantly organize the data generated by your POS System into actionable information that facilitates effective decision-making in real-time.


“BI is about providing the right data at the right time to the right people so that they can make the right decisions”

– Nic Smith with Microsoft BI Solutions Marketing

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Introduction to IBIS Reporting Tools 2022

Introduction to IBIS Reporting Tools 2022

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