Current IBIS Products


Historical Sales Analysis

The Historical Sales Analysis provides a timeline view of a retailer's sales since the inception of their business or a selected starting point as determined by the retailer. The report provides instant visibility of sales performance over time in total or by department.


Daily Dash

The Daily Dash provides immediate access to the key daily sales metrics required by owners and operators. In addition, the Dash’s special pop-up feature provides a graph of year-over-year sales by month or of top-selling items by day in total or by department.


Ops View

Ops View is a collection of tools designed to allow the user to seamlessly move from the Daily Dash to a more in-depth review of the recent performance metrics for the business. Ops View is designed as a current year performance tracking tool.



TrendSpotter is an interactive, multi-layer tool that provides complete visibility of sales performance with user-friendly drill-down capability. TrendSpotter quickly identifies the sources of positive and negative sales trends and facilitates the development of action plans to address opportunities.